About us

In today's competitive business world, computer systems and networks became the key of your core applications.

The support and availability of these systems is an absolute necessity for your activity and success.

We are perfectly aware of this and we can provide the support to your needs to make sure you get the best from your System i. As a matter of facts, your Information Technology department is populated with different systems that interact each other and exchange information over which you must have full control. That's why our expertise can be your advantage to achieve your goals.

IT needs include strategies, solutions, services and support that we can tailor to suit your current requirements and to ensure that your business is positioned for future growth and development. More specifically, we provide professional consultancy and assistance on security, administration and automation which are among the crucial activities of your enterprise.

Based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we provide services for local business or wherever you need us.


The field of information security has grown and evolved significantly in recent years. Many areas include securing network and related infrastructure, applications and databases, security testing,  systems auditing, business continuity planning, compliance, etc. read more


Set up, parameters, system values, configuration, performances, back up and recovery, replication, High Availability, security,  debug, middleware, audit, OS upgrade, troubleshooting, are only a few tasks of the long list involving highly skilled and qualified resources. read more


Business automation of manual tasks allow IT resources to redirect their attention to more critical duties. It is a key point of today's strategies to minimize human actions to reduce impact of mishaps due to human failures. The choice of the correct solution and its implementation is therefore mandatory. read more