In today's business environments, the need for correctly specified, configured and managed computer systems is at the heart of business efficiency. The role of systems administration is one that ensures integrity of the vital data upon which major business decisions are made.

The computer Administration provides a number of services to specific departments and acts as a central point of contact regarding computer issues. Professionals in IT at a senior level can take strategic IT plans and implement the associated computer and network infrastructures as well as create appropriate administrative and maintenance structures that are responsive to company needs. Systems administration is designed to provide you with the management perspective on iSeries which includes securing suitable investment, commitment from management and staff trust that the systems implemented are used correctly to their full extent.

The expertise is used to provide support services for configuring and optimizing secure networks and enables to gain experience in developing client, server and middleware aspects of applications.

This will appeal to both those who would like to work with the design, installation and maintenance and those who already have experience of this field and would like to advance by moving up the in their knowledge and becoming a professional who can take company strategic plans and build systems to support them.

Our aim is to assist you in systems administration and management, including providing documentation on practices and procedures, investigating the application, system design, analysis, specification, efficiency, security and many more key aspects related to an "Open Systems" environment.


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