PowerTech Releases PowerAdmin a centralized venue for the creation and management of user profiles across multiple Power Systems servers running IBM i


Key benefits

Whatís involved in using PowerAdmin?

PowerAdmin offers an administrator multiple levels of user profile management, depending upon an organizationís needs and long-term goals.

Associate your people with profiles

Once a person has been associated with a profile, PowerAdmin can manage the profile automatically.

Define your departments and positions

Departments and positions are based upon the structure of a company. For example, there might be departments for sales, customer service, and shipping. Each position (e.g. clerk, sales rep, CSR) is assigned to a department and then associated with a template that dictates what the appropriate profile settings shall be.

Adding a person

Once departments, positions, and templates have been defined, people can be added. PowerAdmin will automatically facilitate the creation of all user profiles across all managed systems, based upon the template criteria.

Managing existing profiles

Existing user profiles can be incorporated into PowerAdmin for automated management. Once a profile has been associated with a template, PowerAdmin can change the profile to match the template.

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