Is your IBM System i really secured enough ?

Let's see in one day only !

Many corporate executives and IT managers believe their data is safe enough and that they have sufficient means of protection for their organization. Many might be right, but others do not see all the possibilities of their data being compromised simply by lack of information on new system functionalities.

When the AS400 came in it proved to be secure. However, the business requirements and IT configuration were much smaller and the "open system" did not exist. In modern business model, everything is connected electronically and the advanced networking capabilities made the information available everywhere from anywhere. The times of the twinax lines with the today obsolete non-intelligent workstations have gone and we have to move on and think "network" to make applications and data more secured with a state-of-the-art security.

Password reset, users with powerful access rights, system changes, audit trail, programmers accessing live data, are only some of the historic points. Today there is an extensive list of items that have been added and often have been ignored. As a matter of fact, the new generation of hardware and software have much more weaknesses than in the past.

System i Security proposes the security iAssess assessment to be aware of the situation of your security in the designated partition. It is a one day security assessment at unbeatable rates which will report the whole security configuration revealing strength and weaknesses of your partition.

Security system values, powerful user profiles, default passwords, network access, user class, exit points, etc. Nothing will be left out or skipped. A complete and clear report will be provided to show items that require immediate attention to let you decide when and how to deal with. Immediately upon reception of the report you will be in a position to know exactly how your machine is set up and take corrective action according to your Audit rules and Compliance Regulations.

Furthermore, if you order iAssess well in advance, you can use the report to bring your partition to a standard Compliance level even before your IT Audit takes place.

Contact us now to now more about the iAssess assessment and its tremendous advantages.

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